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Last weekend, the Jeonju United Football Club hosted their annual dinner and award ceremony in an upstairs room in T.G.I. Fridays. The boys put on their Sunday best (WAGS too) and everyone toasted the players with the most as the certificates and trophies were handed out.

The formal evening began brilliantly with a phenomenally discounted meal, complete with plenty of beer, wine and wineade (which tasted like a Shirley Temple to me). Evan dressed to the nines in a shirt and tie, while I donned a black dress, shiny sparkling tights and ankle boots. I worried about braving the weather for hours beforehand, considering it got down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit outside… and I was wearing a DRESS! AHHHHH! Luckily we had a few drinks at the Beer Cave before dinner, where Rachel and I convinced everyone to take a cab, even though the restaurant is in our neighborhood.

Dinner was fabulous, except we ran into a group of our kindergarteners — one of which was celebrating her 8th (7th in American age) birthday. The children followed us around like puppies for awhile, bringing balloons to our table, charming our friends and asking for sips of mekchu (eek!). I obviously forbade it, telling them that it was “grown-up juice” until the birthday girl whispered loudly about it being beer. Still hoping that one doesn’t somehow bite me in the ass down the road.

After the ribs were picked clean and everyone’s cheeks flushed with the rise in our BAC, it was into cabs and onto Japanese soju, were we ordered pitchers of fruity cocktails and gossiped at multiple long tables chock full of foreigners and friends. The volume of our conversations increased with every strawberry and kiwi soju we put down, but the population in the University hot spot didn’t even notice. Our noisy mass fit right in :)

Finally, it was time to DANCE! The football lads and ladies made our way to M2, the favorite new spot for sick spinners, chic locals and disco lights until the wee hours of the morning.

Evan loves to throw down some hyphy moves on the floor with his pals — especially kitty cat Theo down there. One of his little-known and under-appreciated talents.

Inevitably, the dancing led to a high kick off, with bunches of alcohol-fueled friends tried to kick higher than each other, throwing up our feet to the beats.

I probably flashed a few innocent bystanders in the process, but I believe my kicks were high enough to deserve a shout out (from myself… whateva). It was another awesome night with awesome people that we paid dearly for the next day :)


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Since we’ve been coughing our lungs out a bit sick this week, we decided to forego drinking and spend the blustery weekend snuggled up, eating snacks, reading, doing crossword puzzles and watching movies.

When Saturday rolled around, we felt well enough to leave our isolation but not so well that drinking and dancing at Radio Star sounded like a good idea. Enter Lotte Cinema!

Lotte Department Store is a colossal giant of an establishment — eight floors of endless merchandise, restaurants, a movie theater and even an arcade we could use to pass time. It is one of the few South Korean enterprises (including Samsung, LG, and Hyundai) poised to take over the country. I’m just sayin’.

We decided to continue our Harry Potter marathon from the few weekends prior (one day we actually watched seven hours of Harry Potter) a kick we had been on since Evan wanted to know what the phenomenon is about. Unlucky for him, since I love the books, I kept interjecting with tidbits that the movies left out (because they always leave some things out) but he listened patiently.

At last we were caught up, and wanted to see the new film that just came to theaters here. So we bundled up, and shuffled over to the cinema to buy tickets.

I couldn’t resist stopping in front of the dazzling tree out front for a photo op. It is beautifully decorated in twinkling blue/white lights, with a star (of David?) at the top. It looks more like a Hanukkah tree than a Christmas tree, which is strange because Jeonju is mostly Christians and Buddhists, but beautiful nonetheless.

The store was a zoo. Wall to wall people scrounging up presents the last weekend before Christmas. It was actually really fun being out while it was feeling so festive. There was Christmas music playing, and for a minute it transported me straight home, to the chaos that is holiday shopping.

Lotte Cinema is set up in a way that completely makes sense for the crowds that rush there to see new films. When you walk into the lobby, you are greeted by a ticker machine that spits out numbers for the people in line. That way you can relax on the oversized leather ottomans and wait to see your number pop up, DMV style.

We had awhile to wait.

This is how the bank works too, and surprisingly it hasn’t triggered any traumatic experiences I’ve had dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Los Angeles. It’s quite effective actually, and you don’t have to worry about any ajummas taking cutsies in line. Because they do for everything else, and they would if lines existed at the movies.

We nabbed two of the last seats for the 8:40 showing, then headed to T.G.I. Fridays to eat because, well, we figured we could eat delicious food if we weren’t spending money drinking.

We even got an appetizer — fajita nachos. Nom nom.

I opted for the carbonara pasta with artichokes (!!) and tomatoes (and okay, red wine), while Evan got the half rack of ribs with prawns. Yum!

We still had time left before checking out the boy wizard, so we went to the arcade above the movie theater. We played some racing games, shoot-em-up games and battled it out at air hockey. I only lost the race because my punch button didn’t work (true story!) but Evan creamed me at air hockey fair and square.

Well, I helped him along by scoring about four goals on myself. Doh.

The movie ended up being brilliant, despite being forced to sit in the front row. Seeing all the movies made me want to read the books again… lucky for me, I’ll have plenty of time on my hands for that sort of thing come April :)

A much-needed date night success!

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