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The babies are all grown up.

Last Friday, my and Evan’s little kid classes donned their adorable cap and gowns, recited their five-sentence speeches about life after kindergarten, and celebrated their transition into elementary school with their teachers, families and fellow students. After weeks of preparation, it was finally their big day!

The school was decked out with lots of blue and white balloons, and a grammatically questionable (but well-intentioned) sign for the graduates.

Even though we had to wear our uniforms, I decided to spruce up the baby blue polo with my fancy headband from Myeongdong. Yoon Jung had to give it a whirl. Perhaps it was slightly pouf-tastic for her tiny dome. She’s such a cutie!

The graduates, along with the babies, sang songs during the ceremony. They did a full run-thru of the show before their parents arrived, all spruced up in their uniforms. The Ants Go Marching, Here We Go Looby Loo and She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain were on the play list for the occasion.

Apparently, one of my students decided he wanted to take the stairs to school instead of following directions and riding in the elevator, so he had to stand against the wall, eyes closed with arms in the air for at least fifteen minutes. He is officially ready for Survivor.

After all the singing and speaking and photo ops and flowers, Evan and I retreated to T.G.I. Fridays for our own celebration of the year we’ve had with our babies. We were starving by the time our burgers arrived, and gobbled them down quickly. Evan went for the regular burger with bacon and American cheese, while I opted for the grilled chicken, bacon and Monterey Jack sandwich.

I actually got a bit teary-eyed after the ceremony, taking pictures with the kids and wishing them well before they start elementary school this week. Some of my little ones aren’t coming back for my school’s after-school program, so it was the last day I was seeing some of them. I guess all I can hope is that I made even the smallest difference for the better…


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Today, my lovely skype conversation with Mimi and Matt (both of whom I miss dearly) ended shortly because Evan and I were whisked away to the hospital on our break to take the tests that would guarantee us Alien citizenship for the next year in Korea.

First task: pee in a cup with a singing happy face on it (?), and stick said cup into a cabinet on the bathroom wall at the medical clinic. Easy enough.

Next task: Endure a brief needle stick and allow a medical consultant to take a vial of blood to test for HIV. Okie dokie.

Once we (obviously) pass our tests, Evan and I will finally be eligible for our Alien Registration Cards, which mean we will be able to get Korean cell phones and bank accounts, giving us even more of a semblence of comfort and routine in our new home. Plus, we’ll be able to take money out without fees AND be reached by all of the other expatriates we just know are dying to get ahold of us.

We’re one step closer to becoming legitimate in our new country — which we would absolutely celebrate if we weren’t so zonked that we came home from work and immediately passed out for an hour, clothes and all! We finally made it into our jammies, ate some chicken with a fruit salad for dinner, and are about to watch some Castle. Night y’all!

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