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Last week, the school hosted a “welcome party” for newbs Rachel and Greg at our “place” — a samgyepsal restaurant down the street that Evan and I frequent more often than any other eatery ’round the neighborhood. After a delicious meal with our co-workers, our director challenged our vocal cords to a stint at a Norebang near school. How could we say no after he told us he sings a mean Celine Dion? (Which he does).

So we hopped into a couple of taxis, picked up some Hite and brought the party to the private karaoke room. Here are a few highlights from our sing-alongs!

Evan and Greg worked it to the Backstreet Boys anthem “I Want it That Way.”

Rachel belted it out to Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Evan and I harmonized to CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.”

Trust me when I say there is nothing more fun then throwing back a few and singing your heart out in the privacy of a closed room with your pals — especially when you can stay there all night if you wish!


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