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The week after returning from Busan just flew by, thanks in part to a busy — and short — school week. On Friday, the nation celebrated Buddha’s birthday, which meant a four-day week for us. We decided to take the opportunity to finally visit Seoul for the first time, and catch up with my cousin Tim.

Evan and I bought tickets for the 7:30 bus a day in advance, and arrived at the bus station with a comfortable amount of time to find our seats, kick back and relax. The buses here are luxurious — soft seats that recline far enough to sleep comfortably, and enough leg room to keep Kobe Bryant content.

I snapped this gorgeous sunset as our bus pulled out of Jeonju.

Nearly four hours, an episode of The Hills and a cat nap later, we arrived in Seoul. TIm greeted us at the massive bus terminal, then we hopped aboard a subway to his neighborhood, Gangnam-gu.

Once we arrived, I quickly changed and threw on a pair of heels, and we were off to meet up with Tim’s work buddies to celebrate his pal Hamilton’s birthday. The city — population approximately 24 million — was overwhelming and exciting. At the bar, we grabbed some mekchu and got the party started. So happy to be with family!

The beer was flowing, and the party moved on to tequila shots. Hm. For those of you who don’t know, Evan cannot stand tequila, but he downed his share anyway, in the spirit of camaraderie. It was basically top shelf anyway — Pepe Lopez, anyone? :P

After our whistles were sufficiently wet, we continued to parade around the city, stopping at watering holes along the way. The heels I wore turned out to be a bad decision … I required Evan’s socks and Tim’s shoes to eventually make it home. I’m spoiled.

Friday night was nonexistant on the town. We got home around 5 that morning, so needless to say we weren’t in the mood to drink. We took it easy, and saw Robin Hood at a nearby cinema. It was a prequel, so-so, nothing to write home about.

Saturday night we were ready to hit the town again. Since I had a hankering for the foreign food it is hard to find in Jeonju, we ended up going to Itaewon to get some good old-fashioned American grub.

Itaewon was unlike anything I had seen in Korea thus far. The rainy streets were full of people from every different ethnic background you could think of, and the restaurants that lined the streets displayed everything from Indian food and tapas to Italian and Mexican. It was so diverse — due in part to a local USA military base — for a second I thought I was back in America.

We ended up walking up a steep, rocky street to a sports bar called Sam Ryan’s. I ordered a juicy steak sandwich, topped with cheddar, mushrooms and peppers, with a side of crinkly fries. Heavenly to say the least.

After dinner, we kept the party rolling over to Apkujong, known as the sort of “Beverly Hills” of Seoul, to a club called Monkey Beach. It was raining all day, but Evan had somehow found two abandoned umbrellas on the street. Tim’s friends Nick and Seung Hyun joined us for dinner and drinks. I caught my cuz and his gal in an adorable candid.

The club reminded me of a cross between a Spring Breaker’s hangout and an indoor rave. There were lots of flashing lights and techno beats, as well as buckets of alcohol being sold. A winning combination!

We boogied and jammed to the deejay’s set list. All in all, a perfect way to end our last night of mini-vacation!


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