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Yesterday, I read this terrifying article in the New York Times about how Americans refuse to change their anti-vegetable ways, and it got me thinking about what is in our fridge. Bad timing too, since then I remembered Evan and I have nothing in the fridge after our sweet potato/egg/everything in the fridge hash for dinner last night.

So then, being who I am, convinced myself I would die of malnutrition or some nutrient-deficient disease before the age of 30 unless I bought fresh fare TODAY on my lunch break. So that’s exactly what I did. Less than a block away from mega-chain “everything” store E-Mart, Jeonju locals set up tents on the sidewalk to sell the veggies and fruits of their labor. This produce is straight-from-the-garden fresh, in season, cheap and delicious. We have our very own Farmer’s Market Street!

I have frequently strolled down this street, fascinated at the selection of fruits and vegetables, both foreign and familiar, and grown in plot community gardens around the city.

This farm fare is usually sold by ajummas, or middle-aged women, perched carefully on upside down crates, peeling garlic or washing carrots, watching you as you eye their goods.

Since the BF goes crazy for itty-bitty cherry tomatoes, and I’ve been having a hankering to invent a autumnlicious dish with crisp apples, squash and onions, those fruits and veggies were on the top of my shopping list. No squash in sight, but I did find a large bowl of red apples for W 5,000, alongside a blue bowl bursting with tomatoey goodness for W 3,000. Perfection!

I would have gone crazy picking up more fall favorites, but I only had W 10,000 on my person — damn you financial constraints! Still, I wanted to give you a taste of our convenient option as a way of supporting local farmers in the area. Plus, most vendors stay open until about 9 PM every day, so we really don’t have any excuse to be one of those Americans who consider their french fries (considered a “vegetable” in some circles, what a joke) a decent alternative to healthy food.

After school, we hit the ATM then the friendly neighborhood monster-store to pick up a few more essentials. We got beautiful green peppers and a few onions to complete our daily salads:

We also got chicken breasts (protein), green olives (deliciousness), lettuce (base veggie), eggs (protein), and sweet potatoes (beta carotene!)

Worry absolved, dilemma averted.


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