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This weekend, Evan, Greg, Rachel and I went on a mission up to Seoul for Global Gathering 2010 — a huge electronic music festival held at Hanji Park next to the river in Seoul. The all-night event, in a matter of words, was epic. The first time I have really danced my pants off since coming to Korea!

We hopped aboard a bus from Jeonju around 10:45, which put us in Seoul around 1:45. Since we weren’t planning on going to the venue right when the music started (since, who does that?) we had some time to kill in the big city. We joined a party crew of my college friend Alyssa, who is living in Seoul, for the weekend.

Since Alyssa got stuck with an incompetent cab driver who got lost en route to meet us at the bus station, our new friend Lydia saved the day by taking us back to her apartment. She is totally hospitable and fabulous, with extra cool points for being a fellow gaucho.

After downing multiple drinks and burgers from a joint near Lydia’s place, we made our way to the subway, en route to the festival! We danced, sang, shouted, sipped soju and stomped our way through the subway stations, missing one of our stops on the way.

Evan and I passed time on the train by rocking out to — and occasionally singing aloud — jams from my ipod. Robyn S “Show Me Love” is always a good song to get pumped to! After getting out at the World Cup Stadium, it was another hike to get to the park. Travel time was three hours, but we had fun and didn’t miss Justice, so it was all good.

We pushed our way to the front of the crowd as the French deejays played, swaying and shaking it with the crowd. Alyssa lost her cell phone briefly, but it was found by a nice group of guys next to us.

Lydia gave them a proper thank you.

Fatboy Slim took the stage next, and he killed it. The best thing about the performances is that they were hours longer than I had ever seen any of these artists play. We danced nonstop, as the seemingly endless stream of music flowed out over the crowd.

Armin Van Buren ended our evening (er, morning) with a trance mix. Evan, Alyssa and I got a second wind as we bounced and pumped our fists to the Dutch spinner’s tracks.

We decided to head straight to the bus station after the concert, since it was nearly 5 AM and the first bus to Jeonju was at 5:30. By 8:30 AM, we had stumbled home safely, exhausted and happy, and were able to curl up in our own bed.

The sheer length of the deejay sets made this experience a real stand-out. That, and the food and drinks at the venue were a steal — the quality of the grub didn’t compare to the fare at Fuji Rock, but it was still fairly impressive.


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