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Korean cuisine is obviously fabulous — from grilled galbi and rich dak galbi to hearty gamjatang, light samgyetang, and robust bibimbap, this country is a perfect fit for a foodie like me.

Here comes the BUT — Beondegi is a popular snack food when you’re out drinking with your pals, which doesn’t sound so bad unless you know that beondegi is boiled silk worm pupae. Being the adventurous eater that I am, my pal Rachel and I decided to both eat one at a soju place in Chonbukdae.

As you can see from my gagging, I didn’t particularly enjoy this delicacy. The silk worms are soaked in a briny fluid, when you crunch through their outer shell juices squirt out everywhere. I get a terrible taste in my mouth just thinking about it. Ack!

At least the Hite was nearby to help me wash it down.


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