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This week, we talked about recycling and compost in kindergarten. Every Friday means craft day — and a word search if you’re lucky — so I had my kids color different items then tell me if they went in the recycling bin or compost pile.

It turned out so good! Evan helped me with the gluing, but other than that the kids did all the work themselves.

They were all very proud of their handiwork. I was proud. Good day to be a teacher.


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Forget everything you know about corn dogs.

The corn dog you know doesn’t compare to the heavenly, crunchy delicious treats a friendly woman sells under an orange tent near LRDS. This woman takes your average corndog, dunks it into her own special batter filled with onions and little delicious things, rolls it in crunchy goodness then fries it again to perfection.

After a somewhat rough day, filled with drama over school supplies, we bundled up as best we could and braved the frigid air over to our friend at the orange tent. The oniony goodness was freshly fried, and the perfect pick-me-up for Evan and I. Things turned a little ugly when we battled for the last bite, but all in all it brightened our moods.

Mind you, this corn dog is made with your standard hot dog — NOT dog meat, or gaegogi. It is actually somewhat hard to find here, and I couldn’t sink my teeth into it without thinking of all the puppies I’ve loved in my life. No judgment, but it is not my cup of tea.

I really should change the blog title to “Food Confessions of an Expat,” unless Evan starts writing and I stop jabbering on about everything I chow down on! :) This particular post is dedicated to my dear Bobo, who I know would go gaga for this heaven on a stick.

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White cheddar, brie, havarti, goat cheese, gruyere, gouda, fresh mozzerella, pepper jack, and even blue cheese have made it into most of my dreams and daygdreams recently. All I want is a piece of warm sourdough toast with havarti on it for breakfast right now.

Alas, no cheese for me. The only silver lining I can think of here is I’m saving on calories, and maybe when I come back I’ll be less addicted to my favorite dairy.

On second thought though… that probably won’t happen.

Thanks to Google Images for the delicious picture!

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Today, my lovely skype conversation with Mimi and Matt (both of whom I miss dearly) ended shortly because Evan and I were whisked away to the hospital on our break to take the tests that would guarantee us Alien citizenship for the next year in Korea.

First task: pee in a cup with a singing happy face on it (?), and stick said cup into a cabinet on the bathroom wall at the medical clinic. Easy enough.

Next task: Endure a brief needle stick and allow a medical consultant to take a vial of blood to test for HIV. Okie dokie.

Once we (obviously) pass our tests, Evan and I will finally be eligible for our Alien Registration Cards, which mean we will be able to get Korean cell phones and bank accounts, giving us even more of a semblence of comfort and routine in our new home. Plus, we’ll be able to take money out without fees AND be reached by all of the other expatriates we just know are dying to get ahold of us.

We’re one step closer to becoming legitimate in our new country — which we would absolutely celebrate if we weren’t so zonked that we came home from work and immediately passed out for an hour, clothes and all! We finally made it into our jammies, ate some chicken with a fruit salad for dinner, and are about to watch some Castle. Night y’all!

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Today it absolutely POURED in Jeonju. The day started out sunny and mild, but the weather took a turn for the worst while we were holed up in Little River Day School.

I had a good day at work, all of my classes went well. After work, Ev and I changed into rain-appropriate clothing then took a stroll to E-Mart to pick up a few essentials. Shampoo, a few pastries and a bottle of Cabernet later, we decided that we deserved a decadent Monday dinner and picked up Pizza School — for him, pepperoni, for me, potato (with ham and onions and corn…so good). The sky was just between dusk and full darkness as we sloshed home. I hogged the umbrella while Evan stayed dry under his snowboarding jacket. Hangul characters lit the busy streets of the city, and I felt content walking home. I told Ev that I was happy in our new home, and he said he was too :) Snuggling in bed with pizza, red wine and 24 seemed like a perfect way to end the evening.

They play some great USA television shows over here, and the commercials between the content makes TV just that much more enjoyable. I was really excited when I saw this L’Oreal commercial starring Yunjin Kim from LOST — she is so stunning! Apparently she’s quite big over here too.

There is also a few other hilarious ones, with people dancing around to crazy electronic music with the most campy looks on their faces. So funny… I’m trying to find them online, and will definitely post if I do!

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After a lazy Sunday morning and talking to both sets of our parents (yay!), Ev and I headed to downtown Jeonju with Mike and Kristie to poke around at some of the t-shirt shops down there.

We hopped out of the cab near the geksa building, at the mouth of a large outdoor mall with lots of shops, both foreign and domestic brands. We headed into a couple of shops with both fashionable and hilarious t-shirts. Some of my favorites included:

At one particular store, I found this cute shirt with a Volkswagon bus on it that read (in case you can’t make out the letters) Pretty Geak Bus. LOL. Also — sungrasses? Oh lordy.

Here’s a couple after my own heart: Math Sucks (duh), and “A life without love is like a year without Summer” — such a good line.

Next, Air Jordans on a telephone line. Classic.

All of the women in Korea are SO fashionable. Everywhere they go, they go all out. That means full makeup, adorable clothes and heels to E-Mart, McDonald’s, shopping…whereever! Plus, it helps that most of them are stunning. The men are fashionable too, but since I covet the ladies’ clothing, I tend to notice it more.

We finished off our beautiful Sunday with a lunch/dinner of sam gipsal — I filled my lettuce leaves filled with pork, cooked garlic, onions, bean paste, bean sprouts and topped that off with sides of a spicy tofu soup and a corn/carrot salad-type thing. Yum!

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We’re hungover from last night at the Beer Cave, we have no food at the house and we’re feeling too delicate and queasy to risk going somewhere and accidentally ordering something like chicken feet.

The walk to the Golden Arches this morning was quite pleasant — it is sunny and mild outside, and the streets of Jeonju are full of people. The only McDonald’s in Jeonju happens to be located in our neighborhood, Seosindong, and it was PACKED. They offered a few same same food choices, and had a more exotic menu featuring a shrimp burger, the Shanghai spice chicken burger, and burgers made with bulgogi beef, which is a Korean specialty meat marinated in Asian flavors.

Mickey D’s also offers a 24-hour hour delivery service, free of charge — not that we’ll be using it, what with lacking Korean speaking talents and cell phones. But it is impressive nonetheless. The delivery guys zoom around town on these:

All delivery guys do — and they’re not afraid to zoom up next to you on the sidewalk!

On the menu for us today: Evan enjoyed a Bacon Tomato Deluxe meal, while I opted for the Chicken sandwich meal (sauce upsoyo). We gobbled down our lunch and are now getting dressed for our very first Jeonju soccer game! Should be a blast :)

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